Secrets to Swimming Faster

There are only two ways to move more quickly through the water:

1. Decrease resistance.

2. Increase propulsion.

This may surprise you, but decreasing resistance can be even more important than increasing propulsion. Here are three tips and drills to help develop proper body position and reduce drag. I‘ve included footage of my students to illustrate.

1. Kick a length of the pool with your hands at your sides. This should force your head into the desired position, with the waterline at the crown of your head. A common mistake is lifting the head too high with the waterline at the forehead. Your head should be in line with your trunk, reducing drag. It also helps raise your hips and legs toward the surface. Nice job, Janice!

2. Roll onto your side for 6 kicks, with one arm outstretched. After 6 kicks, take one stroke and roll onto the other side. The entire body rotates as one around its longitudinal, or long, axis. Let’s watch Jessica do an excellent job demonstrating the “6 kick switch.”

3. Take 3 strokes and then hold your arm outstretched for 6 kicks. Repeat.

Proper body position and rotation also are important when you generate propulsion, but more on that later. Enjoy!


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